Blue Door Founder

Abby Fegtly: Founder


Abby was 13 years old when God put a passion in her heart to go to Kenya. So, she went. While there, she fell in love with the beautiful people who had so much joy despite their circumstances. Upon returning from that intial two week trip, she had an overwhelming desire to go back and do more. The Lord answered her prayer. This time, however, she dove deeper in to the hearts of her Kenyan friends and found such heartache, and she found suffering in the slums. Seeing the heartache first hand, moved Abby's heart into a call for action. So, God gave her the vision to start the Blue Door Sponsorship Program.


Even though Abby is still in high school, God called her to do something so big that without Him, she is going to fail! Yes, starting the Blue Door Sponsorship Program is a big task and a big goal to find all of the children sponsors. However, we serve a bigger God, and when we commit to His will, nothing can stop us!


Someone asked Abby why she did this at such a young age to which she replied, "The thought of those kids looking up at me with their big brown eyes saying, 'Help Me' keeps me up at night. If I don't share these children's stories, who will? I do this at such a young age because God has shown me my calling for now, to share stories of heartache and suffering from voiceless children with sponsors who can give their support to bring life-changing hope."