Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions from potential sponsors.  If you have any questions that have not been addressed here, please feel free to contact us at

What is the sponsorship money used for?

Sponsorship donations are used for education and school supplies; such as, books, notebooks, school desks and chairs. It will also pay for food; rent; salaries for teachers; and social workers.

Which children may be involved in the school?

Our schools are located in slum and poverty-stricken areas.  We try to make room for as many children as possible.  We strive to help the children who need it most.  A committee made up of staff, social workers, project coordinators and community leaders select those who are most in need.


How are non-sponsored children funded to attend school?   

At Blue Door Sponsorship we believe that it's important to rescue first, and then find sponsors. We have generous donors who support the organization financially in this way. 

What happens when I sign up as a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you will receive a picture of your sponsored child and information about the child’s background and life situation.  You will receive annual letters and cards from that child, and you will be able to write and send occasional gifts to your sponsored child.  You will follow the development and progress of that particular child throughout their tenure at our facility.


How long do I commit to sponsor a child?

Our desire is that you continue to participate in this important life-changing, hope-giving endeavor for several years, but with a commitment of at least 1 year, if possible.  The needs are enormous, and our vision is to “Be the Voice for the Voiceless” to help alleviate the suffering of as many children as possible.  If for any reason you must discontinue your sponsorship, we ask that you notify Blue Door Sponsorship as soon as possible so that another sponsor may be found for your child.  Any length of participation in our sponsorship program is greatly appreciated.

What if my sponsor child moves or leaves the school?

Because our schools are located in slum and poverty-stricken areas, families may move to find work.  Children may have to leave the school to help support the family or for many other reasons.  If this happens, sponsors will be notified within a reasonable amount of time that their child is no longer at the school and then offered the opportunity to become a sponsor to another child in need of sponsorship.

What happens when my sponsor child graduates?

Sponsors will be informed of graduation.  At that time, sponsors will be offered the opportunity to sponsor another child in our program.  

Can I send packages to my sponsored child?

Blue Door Sponsorship will take one or more annual trips to the schools in our program.  Since weight and space are limited on these trips, we request that sponsors desiring to send a gift send a monetary gift to Blue Door Sponsorship so that gifts may be purchased in Kenya for your child.  All children receiving a gift from their sponsors will receive a similar gift.

Can I write letters to my sponsored child?

Yes, the children love receiving letters, cards and even a picture of their sponsor’s family and will proudly show them to anyone who wants to see them.  Most of the time, a child will make that personal connection with their sponsor once he or she receives a letter from you.  

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes. Blue Door Sponsorship plans to take an annual sponsorship trip to Kenya so sponsors can see first-hand the results their donations are making.  These trips will be limited in size so early sign-up is essential.