In 2013, Abby Fegtly (14) boarded a plane to Nairobi, Kenya for a mission trip, where she became heartbroken for the oppressed and marginalized children who abound on Nairobi's streets. Faced with a life of despair and hopelessness, these street children had no way to ask for help from people with the means of giving it. 


Abby knew that she had to do something. She fell in love with the children at a school called Harvest School. Since many of these children had never seen themselves before, Abby wanted to give each of them a picture of themselves. Each child had their picture taken against a blue door. The simple gift of a picture meant so much to children who had so little. 


As the need for sponsors for the kids at Harvest School became known, the blue door became something more than a background for a picture. It became a symbol of promise and hope!


Abby is so passionate about Blue Door Sponsorship because what began as a simple gift led us to discovering the best gift of all, Christ’s love for children around the world. God’s story of rescue and restoration can be seen through the eyes of every child who has been given hope and light at Harvest School. Now, she has the opportunity to share stories of heartache and suffering from voiceless children with sponsors who can give their support to bring life-changing hope!