Be A Voice


The mission of Blue Door Sponsorship is to "Be A Voice for the Voiceless!" The main way we accomplish this is by sharing stories of heartache and suffering from voiceless children with sponsors who can give their support to bring life-changing hope. The more people with whom we share their stories, the more lives we can impact. Could we come and share our experiences with a group that you are a part of? If so, email us at to select a day and time. Please help us be their voice!




Sponsor a Child


Every child deserves a chance to thrive. You can give them that chance. By sponsoring a child for only $40/month, you can cover the expenses of a child's medical care when needed. Your financial contribution provides a child with a chance to thrive and hope for the future.


But your sponsorship isn't just about money. It's so much more!


When you sponsor a child, you have the opportunity to connect with your child by exchanging letters, pictures, and small gifts. As you build a relationship with your sponsored child over time, you are showing them that they are loved and valuable -- that someone hears their story and cares enough to respond. This is a gift to them that lasts for eternity. By sponsoring a child, you join in the work of God and demonstrate love in a way that these children have never seen before.