Giving in a Whole New Way

This year Giving Tuesday is December 3rd. I want to come to you with a pure heart and intentions. When I was asking The Lord what we should do for Giving Tuesday this year, He very clearly told me, “I want you to learn how I intended giving to be…How to listen for My voice and give what I am asking. It’s opposite from what Giving Tuesday usually is, but I do things counter to the way the world does things.”

With all that being said, I’m going to challenge all of us the same way Pastor Michael Todd did his church…

Haggai 1:7 says, “Go up into the mountains, bring down the timber, build my house so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored, says the Lord.”

1. So I want us all to go to the mountain. So many times, in scripture, we see Moses, and even Jesus, going up to the mountain to get in the presence of The Lord. I desire for us all to go before the Lord and pray. Ask Him what He wants us to give. Ask Him how He wants us all to help be a part of Blue Door Sponsorship’s vision, which is really His vision in the first place. But here’s the deal: I don’t want any of us to give anything that the Lord hasn’t told us to give! Pastor Todd said it so beautifully, “I would rather you fine tune your voice to the Holy Spirit than to just give lots of money just because you can.”

In the Bible, Mark 12:41-44, there is this story:

“Then He (Jesus) sat down opposite the offering box, and watched the crowd putting coins into it. Many rich people were throwing in large amounts. 42 And a poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, worth less than a penny. 43 He called his disciples and said to them, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the offering box than all the others. 44 For they all gave out of their wealth. But she, out of her poverty, put in what she had to live on, everything she had.”

Let it be said of us that we gave when it was hard to give, when it was a sacrifice, when it was a struggle instead of something that we never even think twice about!

2. Haggai continues to say, “get the timber.” Here timber refers to resources. Right now, the resources Blue Door Sponsorship needs are treasures, talent and time. We need you in whatever capacity the Lord tells you once you've been on the mountain with Him.

What if when we go to the mountain, we hear God say, “Give $10,000 or even $200,” and we just simply respond with, “Yes Sir!” What if it could be that simple? God says, “Give!” and we trust Him with that by faithfully giving back to Him. He doesn’t need our finances, but He uses them to get to our heart and expand His kingdom by opening the floodgates. So, I ask that you join me now until December 3rd by “going to the mountain” and listening for God’s voice of how He wants you to join in His vision for Blue Door Sponsorship. May it be said of all of us, that we heard the Lord and simply responded with a “Yes!” when He asked.

That is when, He will say of us, “That is a (wo)man after My own heart who honors Me by listening to My voice and simply obeyed!”

For Him and Them,


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